Order Form

There are many different ways you can place an order:

1. By Phone (518-843-7216)

2. By Email (Malc26@telenet.net, Malc262@yahoo.com, Contact Page)

3. By Mail (ML Knives – PO Box 769 – Hagaman, NY 12086)

4. By Online order form

5. By Purchasing Work Directly Through Our For Sale Page (these are knives, leather, and pieces ready for immediate shipment)

6. Store front  (1024 Midline Road Amsterdam, NY 12010)

**If your mailing in your order, please use ourPRINTABLE ORDER FORM.

Accepted payment methods:

1. PayPal
2. Credit Cards.  Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

1. All of my knives are shipped very sharp be careful when unpacking.

2. All purchasers must be at least 18 yrs old to purchase. Certain States have certain
laws pertaining to Knives. It is up to the buyer to check these laws before ordering.
Remember knives are sharp and can be dangerous; I hold no responsibility in knife
wielding injuries or incorrect use of a blade. Check your local laws before ordering.
ALWAYS Treat a knife with respect.

3. Shipping charges vary it depends I can work with you on any special shipping. Such
as Priority mail, UPS. 

4. Sale pending or SOLD show on knife, leather work or bag  in available (For Sale) pages means money is in
transit someone wants the knife and I am holding it until I receive payment or the
knife has been bought with instant payment.

5. Custom ordering or special ordering a knife can be done by using the order form
available on special order pages. You can also email at malc262@yahoo.com
or malc26@telenet.net. You can also call to place an order Monday through
Friday 8:00 am until 5:30 pm Eastern. Saturday 9:00 am until noon easter.
(If you want to use a credit card a phone call is the best option)
If no answer leave a message and a call will be returned ASAP. (518) 843-7216

6. ***A 20 percent NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required on all orders. ***Balance is due
upon completion of the knife***. An Email will be sent when starting the knife,
If an email is given. When final pictures are sent balance is due at time of completion
No exceptions! If no attempt is made to return my emails to me or to get a hold of me
in other words if payment isnt made, your knife will be placed for sale in the
available knives galleries.
As a side note*******If you decide you want to pay for your knife in full or pay
ahead of time because of any reason of your choosing this doesn’t move your order
in front of the line of orders. ****Online order form requires $50.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit.

7. Shipments outside of USA. If you purchase an available knife or any leather bag/item in any for sale page with a
buy now button. These are NOT set up for Over seas shipping charges. Expect a
follow up email from me with additional shipping charges. If you are ordering a custom
knife and we discussed ship charges through email, then we are all set.**I have the right to refuse shipping to certain foreign countries for a host of different reasons. If you have any questions please send an email or contact me.

8. If you are a NYS resident I have to charge NYS sales tax of 8%

9. Web site pricing is current to date and supersede’s catalog pricing.

PO Box 769
Hagaman, NY 12086


ML Knives store 

1014 Midline Road 

Amsterdam, NY 12086