Leather work


Keep checking back for available leather work. All Available leather work below will have an add to cart option to purchase.

Woodsman Cross Stitched fold over pouchCrossStitchedFoldOver1

Great pouch for many uses in the wilderness, camp, archery. Hand cross stitched from veg leather with a long soft leather lace for lashing closed. Pouch will fit a regular sized candy tin. Pouch size about 5″ wide by 3 1/2″ tall. $29.00 plus shippingaddtocart

“Shotgun” Fold Over Ammo Pouchoiltanshotgunfolderover1

Great pouch. Will fit 5 12 gauge shells snuggly. Hand sewn from a soft durable oil tan leather. Closes with a soft leather lace that can be lashed around the pouch. This pouch will fit nicely in a side bag, pocket or pack. Great pouch for other woods uses as well. Pouch size is about 5 1/4 wide by 3 1/16 tall. $14.95 plus shipping **SOLD**

Woodsman Ammo/Coin & Woods PouchAmmotiepouch1

Excellent pouch that is versatile. Would be great for smaller caliber ammo, coins, archery, tinder. Nice for a side bag, your pocket or pack. Hand sewn from a soft, durable, oil tan leather. Has a nice soft oil tan leather lace for tying closed. Pouch is about 5 1/4″ wide by 3 3/4″ tall. $18.95 plus shipping **SOLD**

Woodsman Neck PouchNeckPouchOialtan1

Nice hand sewn neck pouch. Great for ammo, ear plugs, archery. Will fit a regular sized candy tin. Body of pouch hand sewn from antiqued veg tan leather. Flap is a beautiful section of oil tan. Soft oil tan neck lace is about 48″ long and left untied so you can knot off at your own measurement. Pouch size is about 4 13/16″ long by 3 1/2″ wide. $32.00 Plus Shipping

Oil Tan Woodsman Fold Over Oiltanfoldover2017Feb1

Excellent hand sewn pouch. Great for ammo, fire kit making, archery, outdoor gear. Nice, hefty oil tan leather. Lashes closed with a leather lace. Pouch size is about 5″ wide by 4 1/4″ tall. $19.95 plus shippingaddtocart

Buffalo, Hills & Clouds Rugged Walletbuffaloruggedwallet3

Buffalo original design. Hand tooled, carved and hand painted. Hand stitched from antiqued veg tan leather. Inside of wallet has durable veg tan pockets for cash, cards, ID, license. Folded size about 4 15/16″ wide by 3 1/4″ tall. Opens to about 6 15/16″ wide. Unique hand tooled design on backside. **Part of my hand painted series** $95.00 plus shipping


Ammo/Small belt PouchBrassstudammobeltpouch1

Great smaller sized belt pouch. Would be great for small caliber ammo such as 22LR. Ear plus at the range. Hand sewn. Body is antiqued veg tan leather. Flap is soft oil tan. Closes with an antiqued brass stud. Will fit a belt ip to 1 5/8″ wide. Pouch size is about 3 5/8″ wide by 3 15/16″ tall. $29.00 plus shipping **SOLD**

Vintage Ammo/Coin Pouchminifoldoverbrassstud1

Great smaller sized pouch. Nice for smaller caliber ammo, coins, ear plugs at the range. Hand sewn from aged veg tan leather. Closes with an antiqued brass stud. Pouch size is about 3 1/4″ wide by 3″ tall. $14.95 plus shipping addtocart


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